Annual Golf Outing- Water for the World Fund Raiser


We’ve now drilled three wells in Uganda! Help us say “yes” to a fourth!

Thanks to you, we have built three wells already. Help us build a fourth by attending this event!

Proceeds from this outing will be used to support well projects where throughout the world.

Our industry has delivered water – in a safe and cost-effective way – to homes, farms, and businesses across the state.  Our codes, our licenses, our inspections, our products, our training/education, and our people – people like you – are the reasons for our success.   But things aren’t quite the same in the rest of the world….

According to the World Health Organization, 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to clean water—about one person in six.  As a result, 4,900 people die each day – ninety percent of which are children under age five – because of a lack of water or water lacking in quality.

We have now completed three well projects and hope to complete another this year. Your support for this outing will help us to say “YES!” to a community that would also benefit from a well.

To see how we are making a difference, we’ll continue to provide project updates, photos, and stories about how our project is changing lives.  Closer to home, w

Closer to home, our work inspired a group of students to hold a “walk for water” to raise money and help us to help more people.  It’s just that sort of awareness – for the importance of clean water and the role our industry plays – that we were hoping for.

We live in a place where water is plentiful, but there’s more to the story.  The story of clean water in Wisconsin includes all of you!  Thank you for your help as we take our work across the globe….

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