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Top Ten Reasons to Join the Wisconsin Water Well Association

1. Membership benefits: Insurance, Media Kit, Education and much more

2. Web presence: With more than 6,440 visitors a month, our website is the perfect tool to drive business to your site and through your door

3. To cooperate and affiliate with other organizations in like or related industries for the advancement of the water well industry

4. To advise and assist in the enactment and enforcement of equitable laws and regulations which in their operation shall deal justly with the rights of parties interested in and affected by the water well industry

5. To promote professionalism within the industry

6.     To aid in the establishment or enactment of equitable laws, rules, and regulations for the transaction of business among its members

7. To encourage and promote research pertaining to the water well industry

8. To secure and disseminate among its member’s information relative to the operation and management of the water well industry

9. To promote friendship and understanding among its members and everyone associated with or having interest in the water well industry

10. To promote and protect the interest of the groundwater industry

Should you require additional information, please contact the Association office.

Office: 414-488-3908
Toll-free: (855) 947-9837