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Updates from Wisconsin DNR

(February 2018)

Last year DNR revised Forms 3300-077 and 3300-077A, the multi-ply paper forms used for Well Construction Report and related First Water Quality Test. Many of you are already using the new form, which has a revision date of 3/17.

DNR is phasing out older paper forms because they do not include all the current NR 812 requirements. If you still have old paper forms, please plan to use them in the next few weeks or discard them. Now is a good time to catch up and submit any outstanding reports.

Effective April 1, 2018, DNR will only accept paper Well Construction Report forms with revision date 3/17, and will not accept reports submitted on older forms.

To request new paper forms, please contact Deb Lyons-Roehl by email, or call her at (608) 267-9350. And watch for news about an optional online system for submitting well construction reports, which will be available in mid-2018.

(January 2018)

DNR’s new Well Driller Viewer provides a map view of contaminated sites, special well casing areas, dual aquifers and landfill buffers, along with private well construction reports. Zoom in and click on the map where you plan to construct a project, and you’ll learn when certain approvals or variances are needed, and get links to more information.

You can access the Well Driller Viewer from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Follow the instructions on-screen or these How to Use the Well Driller Viewer instructions to get started.

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