New Wells

New Wells

Notification of New Well Construction

In the spring of 2004, the Governor and Legislature passed Wisconsin Act 310 establishing protection for groundwater, springs, trout streams and other important surface water resources. The law recognized the interconnection between surface water and groundwater, and contains provisions intended to protect both. The Department is required to provide additional review of private well notification and compliance to conform to the law by improving existing information and data about water level, water use, pumpage, well construction and location as well as increase the number of private well inspections. In order to increase the number of private well inspections, the law requires advance notice before any new private well is constructed. Exceptions, which do not require notification, include reconstruction of existing wells, wells on Native American property, or if the well is on a high capacity well property that jointly produces at least 70 gallons per minute.

What to do Before Constructing a Private Well
A DNR Notification Number must be obtained prior to constructing a well. The fee for constructing a private well is $50 and includes drive point wells. Fees can be paid at any of the 1500 locations where you can purchase a DNR hunting or fishing license or you can purchase one online for an additional $3.00 fee. The fee can be paid by either the owner of the well or the well constructor. Regardless of who pays the fee, it is the well constructor’s responsibility to obtain a copy of the receipt showing the DNR Notification Number before commencing work on the well. Whether purchasing the Notification permit online or from a vendor, be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Name of Well Driller
  • Well Type – New or Replacement
  • County
  • Name of City, Village or Township
  • Street Name (and # if known)
  • Nearest Intersecting Road or Highway
  • Name of Property Owner

A Well Construction Report must be completed and filed with the DNR. (See below for how to obtain a Well Construction Report.)

The Notification Number must be listed on the lower right-hand corner of the DNR Well Construction Report beneath the signature lines until such a time that the form can be revised to include a space for the notification number.
If a well needs to be replaced on an emergency basis and all nearby vendors are closed, you may initiate construction after calling the Drinking Water Specialist and leaving a voice mail message regarding the location of the well. The Department expects you to obtain the DNR Notification # as soon as possible.

A Notification number can be obtained in one of two ways:

  • Visit any of over 1000 Licensing Sales Locations where you can purchase a DNR hunting or fishing license.
  • Make an online purchase using the Quick Sales Catalog or your account on GoWild (an additional convenience fee will be charged).

To Receive a Well Construction Report Contact:

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Bureau of Drinking Water and Groundwater
101 S. Webster St, DG/2
Madison, WI 53703