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The Chapter 162 statue was passed to give the health board the authority to supervise the construction of all wells for human consumption. Prior to that, they only had authority over public and institutional supplies. In effect, this meant that 1935 was the first time that ALL wells were regulated. Further, the...
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2014 Scholarship Application and Description
Edwin Huntoon Scholarship Directions
  1.  This scholarship is established to reward students planning to obtain a higher education.
  2. It is supported by income generated by association member’s contributions.
  3. Applications must be received by December. No exceptions will be made to the deadline.
  4. Applicants must be the immediate family of:
  • A member in...
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Members Newsletter
Well Log
A Publication of the Wisconsin Waterwell Association
summer2014_July August Sept 2013
  • Hole Products
  • WPWS
  • Clean Water Testing/Water Right
  • General Casualty
To advertise or submit an article for our upcoming newsletter, please contact the Association office at 608-326-0935. ...
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2017 Board of Directors
[caption id="attachment_3464" align="alignnone" width="300"] 2017 WWWA Board[/caption] From Left to Right Bottom: Terry Farago, Jason Hintzke, Jeff Haughian, Jeff Kramer From Left to Right Top: Rick Peterson, Lori Huntoon, David Haupt, David Beecroft, Jerry Ellis, Rob Spence (more…)...
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Top Ten Reasons to Join the Wisconsin Water Well Association

10. To promote and protect the interest of the ground water industry 9. To promote friendship and understanding among its members and everyone associated with or having interest in the water well industry 8. To secure and disseminate among its members information relative to the operation and management...
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