Frequently Asked Questions

contreg2017– Click on link for registration form.

What is the mailing address?    
WWWA,  6737 W Washington Street, Suite 4210
Milwaukee, WI 53214

Who do I make the check out too?   Wisconsin Water Well Association (WWWA)

What is the registration deadline? Two weeks prior to the date of the class.

Are there any plumbing credits? Credits have been applied for,
at this time, no credits have been issued.

Do I get all 6 pump installer credits and well drilling credits? Yes
Beginning this year, you are required, to obtain 6 hours of credit for each license
you hold (well driller, pump installer or geo-thermal driller).
Our 2017 program, will give you 6 hours of well driller’s credit,
6 hours of pump installer’s credit and 3 hours of geothermal driller’s credit; in one day.

Are credits available both Thursday & Friday of convention week?   Yes