Homeowner Guidelines

Homeowner Guidelines

Always use licensed water well drillers and pump installers when a well is constructed, a pump is installed or the system is serviced. Not all plumbers are pump installers.
Ask for references from the contractor also from friends and neighbors. Make contact with those references.

Make sure you explain to the driller or pump installer all of your water needs present and future. Even when pump replacement happens upgrading may be worth the cost.

For new wells, setbacks from many contamination sources are necessary. Make sure you talk through these possible sources with your contractor. Not all sources exist on your property.

Make sure the contractor takes the time to explain the work to be done, methods, the possible costs and warranty of any equipment and workmanship. If you are getting bids make sure you read and compare them carefully.

If drilling a new well, make sure the driller is obtaining all necessary permits.

Your water well professional is qualified to help with your water quality needs. Make sure you ask about possible water testing that is required as well as testing that is suggested for other contaminants that may be in your area. This discussion early on may be helpful for determining the type of well construction. If water treatment is needed the contractor may have some referrals or recommendations.

A coliform bacteria test is required when the well is drilled and or serviced.

When the new well is completed; the driller should get you the well construction report with the Wisconsin Unique Well Number. This may take up to 30 days.